Washing floors after laying

Washing after installation is an essential stage for all subsequent activities and for proper care of the floor. If this operation is not performed correctly, the floor may feature stains or matt marks. Furthermore it will soil more easily because residues of installation materials hold back dirt.
By means of acid washing, you can remove residues of installation materials or work site dirt, such as: mortar, adhesive, paint, various types of dirt. Before performing this operation, protect the grouting material used in the joints by moistening the latter with water.
Unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer of the grout, as far as grout without additives is concerned, after-installation cleaning must be performed after 4-5 days, when the grout has dried.
Do not wait too long: if too much time passes since the joints have dried, residues will be much more difficult to remove. Never use detergents containing hydrofluoric acid. This is the only acid that may permanently damage the surface of the tile.
Follow the indications provided in the cleaning and maintenance tables for Keope products with a natural, structured or lapped finish.

Manufacturers of detergents: