We have listened to nature. We have observed the earth, trees, mountains, sand, water and light. We have learnt to design spaces where the horizon widens and the border between indoors and outdoors dissolves, where architecture and environment belong to the same story. 

Buildings, squares, gardens and paths cross with natural elements, for a continuity between landscape and spaces created by man. Matter finds its highest expression in harmonious integration with nature. For an even greater freedom of architects, designers and landscape designers, the K2 project is enriched with plus sizes, with elements in porcelain stoneware sized 120x120 and 120x240 cm, with 20 mm thickness.

Three collections and six colours, endless use possibilities to narrate indoor and outdoor spaces together in a unique project able to maintain visual, aesthetic and functional continuity in every part.


Tutorial Plus - large slabs

P.Extra P.di Vals 120x120 K2 20mm
P.Smart P.di Lavis 120x240 K2 20mm
P.Smart P.di Lavis 120x120 K2 20mm
P.Smart P.di Lavis 120x120 K2 20mm
P.Smart P.di Lavis 120x120 K2 20mm
P.Smart P.di Lavis 120x120 K2 20mm
P.Extra P.di Bressa 120x120 K2 20mm
P.Smart P.di Bagnolo 120x120 K2 20mm

The 20 mm thickness is combined with the most innovative production techniques to make the large K2 slabs sturdy, anti-slip, unchanged by weather and resistant to mildew, moss and copper fungicides.
The K2 products can be dry-installed directly on sand, gravel or grass surfaces, or can be installed with adhesives, or again with the K-Grid system to create outdoor raised floors.